What Mom really wants for Christmas

Dear Santa

I know you usually take requests from children, but I have worked really hard this year and would really appreciate it if you could add me to the Christmas list.   I know it is a lot to ask and I do not have high expectations, if all the gifts on the list could only last for one day, I would have the perfect 24 hours.

Please consider making Christmas a perfect holiday for this mom by bringing me the following gifts:


1)  One day that DAD has to answer all the questions and handle all the complaints

Ask Mom Dad Questions


All complaints and tattling is always directed at mom.  If for one day everything could be directed at dad it would be the perfect Christmas present.  If he could answer all the questions and listen to the inane complaints I could just make myself a cup of coffee and sit and enjoy the show.  For obvious reasons this is my number one request this year.


2) One dinner where every kid eats everything without complaining



Having five kids means that I spend a lot of time cooking a lot of food.  The problem is that not everyone likes the same things and everyone has one thing that they absolutely hate.  We have a rule in our house that you have to taste.  You do not have to eat everything that you do not like, but you have to taste.  This means that we spend dinner waiting either for Cupcake to eat her broccoli or for Boo to eat her pumpkin or finding out where Bubbles hid her peas.  With the amount of children we have I cannot cater for everyone’s taste or I would spend my whole life in the kitchen.

Getting everyone to the table at once is almost impossible.  And when everyone is at the table there is always someone that needs something.  After dishing up for 5 kids and making sure everyone is seated and ready means that by the time I get time to eat my food it is almost always cold.

A perfect Christmas present would not be someone that cooks for me, I’m just asking for one dinner where everyone eats everything I cook without a single complaint and I get to eat it while it’s still hot.


3) One perfect day where no one wakes me up while it is still dark outside.

sleep sleepy toes nap feet exhausted


Two of my daughters needs almost no sleep.  This drives me insane and makes me tired.  I  have woken up so many times with a little face standing next to the bed staring at me whispering; ‘mom…mom….MOM’. For Christmas I would like one day where everyone just let me sleep till I wake up by myself.


4) Going to the Loo 

public toilet wc loo woman man


I would love to spend some private time in the loo without a kid following me, opening the door, trying to push things under the door or shouting “Mom, are you done yet?”  My oldest is 16 and the youngest is 6. This means that it has been 16 years since I could go to the loo in private.  It would be a wonderful Christmas present if I could take care of my business without an audience.


5)  No fighting

ballet, tips, dance, slippers, dancers, sisters

With seven different personalities there are always disagreements.  My kids are always squabbling.  The Little Mouse is not allowed to play with them,  someone was in the teenager’s room while he was not at home.  It is a never ending list of complaints and pettiness.  Just one day when no one raises their voice or complains would be perfect.

ps.  I would prefer if it is not on the day where dad has to listen to the complaints.


6) Watching my favourite show without interruptions



There is only one show on television that I watch religiously every week.  The characters are witty, the writing is thoughtful and things happen at a fast pace.  If you miss what one character is saying you loose the whole plot of the episode.   Of course as soon as I sit down to watch my show one of the kids will have a personal crises ranging from the special stuffed animal that is missing or wanting a glass of water.  I’m sure there is a special alarm that goes of as soon as mom wants to watch something.

I would please like to watch my show without any interruptions.  If I can sneak in more than one episode I would be ecstatic.


7)  Not sharing the good chocolates

chocolate dark coffee chocolatier gourmet dessert sweet candy


I love chocolate and coffee, but every single time I make myself coffee, get some chocolate out of the secret hiding place and sit down, up pops a kid asking is he/she could have some.  I would like to have my expensive chocolates without sharing them with anyone.

And if I could be really demanding and can ask for anything I would really like a wife for Christmas.


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  1. NappyBella
    NappyBella says:

    Hahahaha I love this post. Makes me wanna write a letter to Santa as well. My son will be a year on Saturday so I’m yet to experience what you talk about, but I can certainly use a break and some ME time 🙂

  2. Mariet
    Mariet says:

    I think me time is on every moms wish list this year. I’m just trying to find a better hiding place for the chocolates.

  3. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Parenthood is my favorite show on TV. It’s pretty much the only show I have to watch each week. After it’s over, I’ll just be watching shows on Netflix. I agree with this great Christmas wish list!

  4. Jules Ruud
    Jules Ruud says:

    I cannot tell you how much I love this post. I only have a one-year old at home and I can relate to just about every item on this list! This is glorious and I’m emailing it to my husband right now, haha!!!

  5. The Imp
    The Imp says:

    I have 5 kids at home myself, 16, 9, 8, 3 and 1. I sooooo know what you’re talking about!

    The only suggestion I have is to record shows, and watch them after everyone is safely asleep for the night.

  6. Brandyn Blaze
    Brandyn Blaze says:

    Fabulous post! I was cracking up! I find myself begging for these same things all the time…I want these all so much with just one kid, I don’t know how you do it with 5!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us at #MommyMeetupMondays! Hope to see you again next week!

  7. Mariet
    Mariet says:

    I’m really sad that they’re almost done. I really enjoyed the show, now I’ll have to try and find something else to watch.

  8. Mariet
    Mariet says:

    I’m sure mine have supersonic hearing. Everyone will be in bed and as soon as I put my show on someone will ask for water.

  9. Sharisse @ sharissepieces
    Sharisse @ sharissepieces says:

    This was GREAT! Love love love it. My boys are only one-year-old so I don’t get those type of questions, but I do get a whole lot of whining that I usually tend to before my husband will think anything is wrong!

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