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As a family, we are in love with books.  There are books everywhere, even though I stopped buying books for myself when I received an iPad as a present.  I still buy books for the children, as I feel they should learn to read with hardcopy books.  Little Mouse always had a book tugged under her arm from the time she started to walk. Read more

Sir Terry Pratchett, Reading oder and quotes about the Discworld books. Until the ripples die away by

Sir Terry Pratchett: Until the ripples die away

Terry Pratchett sold more than 70 million books during his career.   He was one of my favourite authors and my literary hero. I still see the Discworld characters as some of the best friends I will ever have.   The Watch and DEATH helped me through a really tough time in my life and if you ask me who had a huge influence in my life Terry Pratchett will always be in my top ten.

It was a sad day for me when I heard the news that he died on March, 12, 2015.   In typical Terry Pratchett style he said farewell to the world in a way that true fans can appreciate by announcing his own death on social media with a tweet from DEATH.


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Source:  Terry Pratchett/Twitter

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Words that make your heart sing

I love words and I love poetry.  There is something about reading or listening to beautiful words that makes my heart sing and fills me with joy.

If you think poetry is still the stuffy words that you had to listen to as background music while gazing out the window in class while daydreaming, you are wrong.

There is so much more to poetry than the stuffy poem where the teacher explains that the poet was sad and that was why he used the colour blue while you were thinking ‘oh please, maybe he just liked the colour blue’.

Listen to this Spoken Word Poem If I should have a daughter from Sarah Kay and tell me you didn’t have to swallow twice to get past the lump in your throat.

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National READATHON day in America, Saturday, January 24, 2015

Make#timetoread.  This Saturday is National Readathon day in America.  It is easy to forget that even though you are reading this the basic literacy skills in America are below the average score for developed countries.  40% of American adults are either at or below reading proficiency and 14% have almost no reading skills.  According to Wikipedia almost 75% of the world’s 775 million illiterate adults are concentrated in ten countries.

We must celebrate the fact that we can read and are able to send our kids to school where they can get a good education.

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The Practicingnormal Reading Challenge for busy moms

I am a reader.

I am also a mom.

Being both can sometimes be quite difficult.

I keep track of all my books that I read on Goodreads and I participate in their yearly reading challenge. One of the things I had to do today was deciding how many books I would read this year and enter the challenge.  This consists of filling in the form and every time you finish a book you update it on the website.   No one ever checks up to see if you read the books that you say you will, but there is a little counter that reminds you for example:  You have fallen behind by 4 books.   I start to feel guilty as soon as that counter starts saying to keep up with this list you better go and read 2 books.  As if I need another thing to feel guilty about.  I’m a mom, I feel guilty all the time anyway. Read more