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7 Magical comfort reads

The definition of a bookworm according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a person who likes to read books and who spends a lot of time reading and studying.  The definition of the Urban Dictionary states:  A bookworm is a person who is so fascinated by books that he does not know what is happening in the world.

The definition of chocolate cake is a cake flavoured with melted chocolate or cocoa powder, but there is no definition for books that makes you feel like you are eating chocolate cake.   We need a word for that.   Any ideas?

My definition of a bookworm is someone to whom to read is to breath.  Even though I have a busy life and five kids I am always looking for stolen moments when I can stick my nose in a book.  I read while I wait for the bath water, while blow drying my hair,  waiting in line, waiting for kids, every moment waiting is time better spend reading.  If you have a full, busy life every five minutes count.

My house is full of books, my Ipad is loaded with more books that I will ever find the time to read in my lifetime and even though there is soooo many books that I still want to read there is some books that are like old friends that welcome you home.   You pick them up when you’ve hit a bump in the road, or a bit of a rough patch or just when you need a little bit of magic.

These are the books that I pick up when I need a hug and a little bit of comfort.


1)  Like water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

“There are some things in life that shouldn’t be given so much importance, if they don’t change what is essential.”

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