Funny Monkeys

My Funny Monkeys

Best question of the week:

Cupcake just asked her dad if he knows more than Google.

I was surprised when he said no.  I would have said yes.

Mom knows everything.


Best compliment of the week:

Mom, you look so pretty in that dress.  You look just like the living room couch covers.

Thanks little mouse.  Just what your mother wants to hear that she can blend in with the furniture.


Best pronunciation mistake of the week:

The little monkeys got the Mario Smash Bros game for Christmas.  Little Mouse calls it the “Mario Slash Bothers”


Best poem of the week:

Bubbles wrote a Christmas poem for mom in a card for Christmas (I kept the spelling errors)

“Vailits ar red my heart is bluo, I like you.  It will seem my hart is for you.”


What would I do without my little monkeys for entertainment?   Any crazy things you kids you said recently that you want to share?


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  1. Angela
    Angela says:

    I was putting my baby to sleep the other night and my 6 year old and was listening to me sing Hush Little Baby. About half way through the song he says “Boy those people must be rich!” 😀

  2. Mariet
    Mariet says:

    That’s so funny. These little ones, sometimes they come up with truths that we never even think about.

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