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10 Gifts for your bookish friend

I have read soooo many books.  One of the questions everyone always asks me is how do I find time to read with the amount of kids that we have.

The answer is that I’m a Reading Ninja and I read all the time.   I keep my e-reader with me and sneak read whenever I have to wait.  With 5 kids that are all involved in lots of activities my life consists of a lot of waiting.This makes me one of those difficult people to buy a book for.   By the time the book is on the shelves to buy I’ve had it on my ‘to-be-read’ pile for ages.

To make it a bit easier for the people that buy me gifts I’ve made a wonderful list of bookish things that I would love to receive.   All my bookworm friends can thank me later.  Just mail the link of the post to your significant other.   They can thank me later as well, maybe with something from the list. (wink, wink)

I am still mourning the fact that by the time I learned about Hogwarts I was too old to receive a Hogwarts letter.  I’ve been on every adventure with Harry Potter and it is one of my favourite things to discuss with Gamer Boy.   On my Christmas list will be this mug from GlassBlastedArt


I Solemonly Swear Harry Potter Inspired sandblasted Ceramic Coffee Mug, tea glass

Harry Potter Mug


Or these Hogwarts house onesies from FanFash on Etsy.

If I receive a Hogwarts onesie for Christmas I would curl up with a book, pretend that my life isn’t chaos, that I don’t have five kids and I will just read till New Years.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Onesies

Hogwarts House Onesies


Which means I probably need one of these.  Eat sleep read T-Shirt from   Just in case I need to put the onesie in the wash.

10 Bookish Gifts for your reader friend t-shirt eat sleep read

Eat. Sleep. Read.


Or if I suddenly have the urge to go to gym.  This T-Shirt from

bookish gift pages read t-shirt

Alternative to exercise.

I might also need some of these from  Just to set the mood.

candles author bookish reading

Library candles: The scent is matched to each author.


And definitely some book luminaries from Oldendesigns on Etsy.

Book Luminaries, 5 Paper Lanterns, Book Wedding Decor, Book Themed, Library Themed, Vintage Book Decor, Library Wedding, Luminaries

Book Themed Paper Laterns


And some lovely banned book socks to keep me warm and cozy from

socks banned books reading bookish

Banned Books Socks


And of course I need a cover for my ipad from

gifts reading read book bookish

BookBook cover for your iPad or mac


There is not a lot of things that are as pretty as an old book, but if you can’t carry all your favourite books with you, you can wear this beautiful bracelet from ALikelyStory.

Got Books Book Charm Bracelet Literary Themed Bookish Jewelry

Book Charm Literary Themed Bracelet


And when I finally decide to lift my nose out of a book and take a walk in the real world again what better way to do it than dressed up in these beautiful bookish heels from

Matilda is an intricately detailed platform with gold embossed illustrations, entitled with ‘enchanted’ and ‘book of spells’ spine heels


books reading gifts shoes library book of spells

Red Matilda. A detailed platform with gold illustrations entitled with ‘enchanted’ and ‘book of spells’ spine heels.

What reading Ninja or bookworm would not melt for these beautiful shoes and just read the description.  I want to wear them just for the ‘book of spells’ heels.

There you have it.  Ten bookish gifts for your Ninja Reader friends.

And one extra for my teenager who has been reading Harry Potter since the first book came out and I know will be re-reading it for years to come.  This Harry Potter wand from  This will have to do till I can find that bloody owl that got lost with your Hogwarts letter.

Harry Potter Illuminating Wand - Harry Potter reading

A Harry Potter Illuminating Wand


If you come across interesting, bookish things that you think I would love please let me know.

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    I absolutely love the Hogwarts onsie and the socks! Its so funny if I would have gotten these things as a child, I would have been like….really!? I want a toy! But now I really loves stuff like this! I’m visiting from the December blog from Bloggy Moms, if you have time, I’d love for you stop by. I’ve also added you to a blog feed of mine so I can get future blog post updates! Happy Holidays!

  2. Mariet
    Mariet says:

    Thank you. Those shoes. I love those shoes. If I just had more events I could use them for. Don’t think they would be very practical for cleaning.

  3. Mariet
    Mariet says:

    Thank you Heather. I’ve got the Ipad cover for Christmas so making these kind of lists help. I will stop by.

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