Woman with Wings series from Practicingnormal.com

Woman with Wings (Censored Edition)

This post was edited to be more family friendly.   The original Woman with Wings with some nudity can be found here:  Woman with Wings

You had to live in an ice cave to miss all the news of the Dugger family the past month.  It was in every Facebook newsfeed and news story and just when you think it’s enough a new tidbit would pop up.   There are wonderful bloggers that wrote about the story highlighting the problems with society and covering up sexual abuse.

I was sick to my stomach every time I read a new angle on the story, but every time that we speak out about sexual abuse is a victory.

It breaks down the boundaries of silence and it makes it easier for the next survivor to come out and tell their story.

Here is mine:

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Woman with Wings series from Practicingnormal.com

Woman with Wings

This post includes nudity.   The Woman with Wings series without nudity can be found here:  Woman with Wings (Censored Edition)

Every time someone speaks out or tell their story about sexual abuse of violence it makes it easier for the next survivor to tell their story.


Here’s my story:

There are many words that define me.

Woman, mother, wife.

Photographer, blogger, victim.

When I was a student I was date raped in an University Dorm.   I suffer from PTSD and had night terrors for years.  

With the help of a therapist and my wonderful husband I worked through the process from victim to SURVIVOR.  


Part of my process was taking photos of wonderful women and doing an artistic series called Woman with Wings.

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Shareday: Links I love

Friday has always be a Shareday on the Practicingnormal Facebook Page.  I’ve decided to carry on this tradition by sharing links I love from my community of friends.

Make a cup of coffee and click through to read how these bloggers experience the world, as what else are we but our collective experiences?

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Celebrating Stepmom Day at Practicingnormal.com

Celebrating Stepmom Day

Stepmother day is the Sunday after Mother’s Day.  Seeing as I did not have a Mother’s Day at all this year, instead of just Celebrating Stepmom Day, I am declaring the whole weekend as Stepmom weekend.  This means that I can look forward to breakfast in bed and minions to order around the whole weekend.

I’m planning on watching some soppy movies and Dad will handle all fights, requests, homework and silly nonsense.  That’s the plan anyway, we’ll see if I’m hopelessly optimistic. Read more

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A Book Fairy

As a family, we are in love with books.  There are books everywhere, even though I stopped buying books for myself when I received an iPad as a present.  I still buy books for the children, as I feel they should learn to read with hardcopy books.  Little Mouse always had a book tugged under her arm from the time she started to walk. Read more