What Mom wants for Valentine's

What Mom really wants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner, love is in the air, the birds are singing and everything smells like roses.  Maybe not everything if you have kids, but we can always be hopeful.

I love reading lists of things to do on Valentine’s Day, but some of the suggestions are more suited to the younger crowd.  The ones without kids and responsibilities.  I may sound like a Scrooge, but I long for days filled with red roses, dark chocolate and lazy mornings in bed.   I just have to take all these lists with a bit of cynicism, they always sound like they are written by hopeful romantic teenagers.   I wish they would ask real woman, with kids, what they would like for Valentines.

Here’s a look at a few suggestions found on these lists.

1.  Remember your first date

Did you go to the movies or have a romantic dinner?   You can relive all the awkward memories of will he kiss me or won’t he.

My first date feels like thousands of years ago and it ended with a make-out session next to a friend’s swimming pool.   I might have to skip this one as my bones are too old for sitting on cold cement for hours and the swimming pool does not exist anymore.

2.  Turn your gift into an activity

You can have a lovely time by setting up a scavenger hunt.  You can make a map of hidden gifts and create questions cards about your relationship with hints to the next gift.  You can even include the kids in the fun.

This is not a bad idea, it sounds romantic and doable, but why would I want to include the children in my romantic scavenger hunt?  My almost teenagers do not need to know where dad kissed me for the first time or about that time we fell off the bed.  No thank you.

3.  Picnic under the stars

A picnic basket with chocolates, bubbles and candles sounds very romantic.

If it was not for the fact that little mouse is like a bloodhound if there is any chocolates in the house.  She sniffs out anything nice, eats it quickly and just take the punishment afterwards.  If I am planning something special that include any food items it has to be treated like an overt James Bond mission with days of planning, secret hiding places and booby traps.

4.  Cook a Valentine’s Day meal together

Cook a Valentine’s meal together.  It won’t feel like a chore when you grab a glass of wine and spend time with your love.

I’m sorry, but this sounds way too much like what I do every day.  After cooking for seven people every day spending an hour in the kitchen feels a lot like a chore and less like romance.

5.  Dress up and go out

A night out on the town will have you cooing over each other.  Most restaurants will have specials for couples.

This is an idea I can get behind.  Love is the air.  I love leaving all the monkeys at home and spending time with Mr. Blue in adult conversation.  I love dressing up and going to a restaurant with soft lighting where someone else spends hours in the kitchen making a meal where I do not have to plan the menu, do the shopping or slave over a stove.   I love having a conversation with my husband without interruptions or kids complaining about all the food groups they suddenly decided is not on the list of acceptable foodstuff anymore.

So dressing up and going out is the way to go for us.  Now if I can just find a way to get rid of the babysitter without the award small talk or even worse, dropping off a babysitter that cannot drive.   Or a date where I don’t have to arrange the babysitter in the first place and everything just magically happens.

What I want for Valentine’s Day is a Fairy Godmother that takes over my responsibilities for the day and I can go back to magical kisses that lasts for hours in the cold next to a swimming pool.

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Ahhh lovely Valentine’s day post. I am excited we don’t normally do anything for Vday but I think this year I will surprise the other half with something nice. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme

  2. Mariet
    Mariet says:

    Thank you for stopping by and hosting. I found great blogs on Share With Me, I’ll definitely join you again.

  3. Mrs. AOK
    Mrs. AOK says:

    Fun list! Valentine’s Day here is usually about the babies.
    We make the day about them and the night is all ours, just like usual :).
    We had a really fun Valentines, yesterday. I hope you did too.

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