Liebster Award.

Liebster Award

Most bloggers have heard or received the Liebster award, unless you are a newbie, like me.  Then you have to google, figure out how everything works and give a thumbs up to the wonderful blogger who nominated me.

Instead of giving an Oscar worthy public monologue I will rather give a big shout-out to Brand New Mom who kindly nominated me.  This is the first blogging award I’ve been nominated for and I’m feeling honoured that I made the list.

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10 Gifts for your bookish friend

I have read soooo many books.  One of the questions everyone always asks me is how do I find time to read with the amount of kids that we have.

The answer is that I’m a Reading Ninja and I read all the time.   I keep my e-reader with me and sneak read whenever I have to wait.  With 5 kids that are all involved in lots of activities my life consists of a lot of waiting.This makes me one of those difficult people to buy a book for.   By the time the book is on the shelves to buy I’ve had it on my ‘to-be-read’ pile for ages.

To make it a bit easier for the people that buy me gifts I’ve made a wonderful list of bookish things that I would love to receive.   All my bookworm friends can thank me later.  Just mail the link of the post to your significant other.   They can thank me later as well, maybe with something from the list. (wink, wink)

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Rules for Stepmoms (from a stepmom)

Have a thick skin.

Do everything with a sense of humour.

Forgive yourself if you fail.

Fake it till you make it.

Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it.

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Dear Santa

What Mom really wants for Christmas

Dear Santa

I know you usually take requests from children, but I have worked really hard this year and would really appreciate it if you could add me to the Christmas list.   I know it is a lot to ask and I do not have high expectations, if all the gifts on the list could only last for one day, I would have the perfect 24 hours.

Please consider making Christmas a perfect holiday for this mom by bringing me the following gifts:


1)  One day that DAD has to answer all the questions and handle all the complaints

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Advice for my daughters from

Advice for my Daughters

My beautiful daughter

There is a poem called Walking Away by C Day Lewis that ends:

‘…how selfhood begins with walking away,

    and love is proved in letting go.’

It feels like every time I blink we have reached yet another milestone and I have to open my hands a little bit more, give you a bit more freedom and start letting you go.  I know it is part of the circle of life, you are growing up, but as your mom I wish I could just keep you safe from the world.   The world can be a big and scary place, but it is also wonderful, exciting and beautiful.

I have to let you go, give you a chance to make your own mistakes and send you into the world.  Here’s some lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way.

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