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The Practicingnormal Reading Challenge for busy moms

I am a reader.

I am also a mom.

Being both can sometimes be quite difficult.

I keep track of all my books that I read on Goodreads and I participate in their yearly reading challenge. One of the things I had to do today was deciding how many books I would read this year and enter the challenge.  This consists of filling in the form and every time you finish a book you update it on the website.   No one ever checks up to see if you read the books that you say you will, but there is a little counter that reminds you for example:  You have fallen behind by 4 books.   I start to feel guilty as soon as that counter starts saying to keep up with this list you better go and read 2 books.  As if I need another thing to feel guilty about.  I’m a mom, I feel guilty all the time anyway. Read more

It was a dark and stormy night



In the last three months I’ve met an interesting bunch of people.  Not in person, but on the internet.

The only reason why I’ve met all these interesting people is because I’ve decided to start this blog.   I’ve met bloggers from different countries, different walks of life and have been exposed to an amazing amount of viewpoints.  I’ve read less books and more blogs, spend more time on Facebook and Pinterest that I’m prepared to admit and was spending time thinking about blogging even while I was pretending to listen to my children. Read more

Keep Calm

Sometimes a holiday for the kids is not a holiday for the mom.  Just a friendly reminder for all the moms.

Keep Calm Bedtime