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First Day of School

We had an eventful first day at school with Little Mouse. She is going to school for the first time this year.  Up to now she was still in kindergarten and this is her first year of going to ‘Big School’ with her sisters.  This is the fifth time that I have to say goodbye […]

My Funny Monkeys

Best question of the week: Cupcake just asked her dad if he knows more than Google. I was surprised when he said no.  I would have said yes. Mom knows everything.   Best compliment of the week:

Things the Little Mouse Says

English is not our native language, but my Little Mouse loves playing in English and half of her words are English.  Sometimes this can be a little bit confusing when metaphors get mixed up.

This year we will be kind.

In December I asked all the children about their resolutions for the 2015.   After getting sarcastic answers,  (sarcasm is a native language in my home)  I decided to make an universal decision for everyone.  As a mother and dictator of this house it is my prerogative to make rules as and when I feel […]