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Always Love your Stepmom

Blood is not the only thing that makes you a family.  Family is who you love and if you are lucky, who loves you back.   Being a mother is a difficult job, being a stepmom is even harder.   You are mostly judged and very rarely celebrated.

Instead of judging let’s choose to celebrate the extra people in your children’s lives who love them.  There is a beautiful quote from Valerie J. Lewis in Blended Families An Anthology.  “Stepparenting is like working at a late-night convenience store – all of the responsibility and none of the authority.”

Please share these with all the blended families and send them to all the stepmoms you know.  Mostly they just need someone to see them, to acknowledge that it is a difficult job to do and to say thank you.

Posters from Practicingnormal.com celebrating the love stepmoms have for their kids.



Posters from Practicingnormal.com celebrating the love stepmoms have for their kids.


Posters from Practicingnormal.com celebrating the love stepmoms have for their kids.



Posters from Practicingnormal.com celebrating the love stepmoms have for their kids.



Posters from Practicingnormal.com celebrating the love stepmoms have for their kids.


Did you know that Stepmother day is the Sunday after Mother’s day?  The problem is that almost no one knows about it.   So tell your friends, your family and make sure that your husband remind your stepkids and if no one remembers celebrate yourself.    Without your support, your blended family would more likely than not fall apart.

I see you and you are worth it.


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  1. Michele Morin
    Michele Morin says:

    Oh, you SO need to read a book I just finished: Undone by Michele Cushatt. She is a stepmom, and she does such a good job talking about the challenges of a blended family and the grace of God that makes it all work. I’ll be putting out a book review of Undone on Friday (Lord willing!). I was happy to see your blog over at Titus 2 Tuesday.

  2. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I didn’t know there was a step mother’s day. That is so awesome! I don’t have a step mother but I’ve always thought about this. I’ve watched Stepmom at least 100 times and it breaks my heart in the beginning.
    Leslie recently posted…ForensicsMy Profile

    • Mariet
      Mariet says:

      Almost no one knows about Stepmom day, but if you think about it, it makes great sense. A stepmom has all the same duties as a mom and yet the children never spend Mother’s Day with the Stepmom. Stepmom is a great movie. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sadia
    Sadia says:

    These are wonderful! I’m not a stepmother myself, but my daughters have had two. I think it’s SO important to demonstrate respect for that relationship. As I tell everyone who will listen: I thought I had enough love for one baby when I was blessed with twins. In the same way, my daughters have plenty of love for two (or three!) mummies.
    Sadia recently posted…Labour Bag Essentials – For TwinsMy Profile

    • Mariet
      Mariet says:

      What a great attitude Sadia and a wonderful way to explain things. I will have to remember that. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Sue
    Sue says:

    Hi Mariet

    I’m a step mum and it wasn’t easy in the beginning. I have two children and my husband has two children. Fortunately, the children were in late high school. I found that as they became adults and had children of their own, I showed them how much they all meant to me and we have a lovely blended family now. Thank you for your post – step parents are sometimes forgotten.
    Sue recently posted…Sail Away – The Pros and Cons of CruisingMy Profile

    • Mariet
      Mariet says:

      Thank you for stopping by. I think it is much harder when you start your blended family with teenagers. It’s wonderful to hear from another blended family.

  5. Susan
    Susan says:

    I’d never heard about Stepmother Day before, but will telling everyone I know now. Every family should be celebrated.
    Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party on Organized 31.

  6. Meredith
    Meredith says:

    Hi again~ Having met my biological mother, I can say, without a doubt, that there is plenty of room in one person’s heart to love multiple “moms.” Being around my biological family who missed out on decades of my life just makes me appreciate my adoptive family even more. Visa versa. I imagine it would be similar if I were in a stepfamily (which technically I was because I had 2 “half siblings” from dad’s previous marriage).

    I second you on the idea that stepfamilies need lots of community support. I would say, they also need a reason to stay together outside of themselves. For my family, it’s our “ours baby” Gabriel and the fact that we had so many struggles within our family that really commandeered our sense of solidarity.

    I struggle with this subject because of my daughter’s “stereotypical” stepmother. My heart aches for those hurting stepfamily members. I think stepfamilies can engender a spirit of sharing our burdens with one another and ministering to our Global Family. Let’s be representatives for the “Love of Man.”

    Best wishes to yours~
    Meredith recently posted…Dear Step FamiliesMy Profile


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